ESKA Finance is looking to raise debt financing to finance our growing asset based loan portfolio. We are open to various options for debt

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Presentation for investors

Direct loan

- Loan size: up to EUR 10 000 000
- Duration period: 1-5 years
- Annual yield: 9%
Interest payed monthly

Bond issue

- Size of the bond issue: EUR 5 000 000
- Nominal value of a bond: EUR 1 000
- Duration period: 5 years
- Coupon period: monthly
- Annual yield: 9%
- Purpose of the issue: funding of the loan portfolio
- Securitization: bonds are secured by assets
- passenger cars, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery

Our purpose is to be the most trusted micro and small business lender in the EU

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Why we are unique and why we deliver the profit?

Over the past fifteen years our team has done just that – financed MSMEs. We listened, we learned, we grew with our customers. From a small company of two people to a market leader. In Ukraine we have build a number one company for MSME financing. Since June 2022 we started our operations in Slovakia focusing on financing MSMEs in CEE region.


Founder led model, with a “challenger” culture


Committed to the craft of asset based MSME lending


Technology and data driven company

Our technology makes it possible to onboard clients from all EU countries

Founders “skin in the game” — we work in the company, invest in the company.


Understanding collateral: how to evaluate it, repossess it, resell it


Multi-channel sales:

Unique techniques and processes of cooperation with dealerships

Contact center
Direct sales to reach new clients

Unique EU database of vehicles and machinery ready for sale and financing. Online client onboarding

Invest in bonds now

A smart way to diversify your portfolio

Key business metrics ESKA Finance

We have proven unit economics. And profitable company.

Lending portfolio

EUR 1,5 mln

Our goal is to grow our lending portfolio to EUR 10 mln be the end of 2023. Which will only represent <0,3% of the market share.

Net Interest Margin


NIM of >6% reflects ESKA Finance pure play MSME business lending model and tailored service offering; funding costs strongly

Average down payment size


35% down payment reflects a low risk in case of a payment default from a client.

Cost of risk (per annum)


Estimate based on experience in the business over the past 15 years.

Risk management


We do not offer unsecured loans. All portfolio is secured by the assets we finance with 130%

What we offer to our investors

There is a massive market opportunity of strong, creditworthy businesses that banks are shutting their doors to. Join us on a journey of supporting this business.

Confidence – we use the money of the investors only to finance our loan portfolio.

Solid collaterisation. Our loan portfolio is fully collateralized. And the bond issue as well.

Our credit policy approves financing of liquid machinery. It means it has to be standard, easy to transport and easy to sell. If the client defaults – it takes up to 60 days to repose the asset, sell it and return the money to work.

All the funds raised from the debt issue are fully secured by the assets and are pledged to investors through and independent 3rd-party trustee agent with superior system of control, collateral tracking, storage & monitoring.

All assets are fully insured and monitored by GPS system.

Ready to delve deeper?

Explore our detailed bond documentation to make informed investment decisions.

Invest in bonds now

A smart way to diversify your portfolio