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Reliable lending to businesses and start-ups. We have simple, flexible and transparent conditions. Without paperwork. We always meet the needs of entrepreneurs, giving the best individual conditions with a comfortable interest rate.


Why loans?

Structured SME loans that provide you with the required capital to meet your current business’s needs or to help your business overcome its future growth challenges.

Use our network of successful clients and global business partners to help expand your business into new markets and obtain the tools and training required to stay competitive.

Leave us a request with details about the purpose of the loan, so we can choose the best option, depending on your needs and capabilities.

We finance any sphere of business

Loans for SMEs


Loans for the construction of residential or commercial real estate


Loans for wholesale and retail trade

Cafes and restaurants

Loans for the purchase of equipment, products, rent


Loans for logistics and distribution industries

Department stores

Loans for the purchase or lease of premises, commercial warehouses


Loans for the purchase of equipment, supplies


Loans for the purchase of IT hardware and software

Sphere of beauty

Loans to purchase consumables


Loans for the purchase of professional equipment

Terms of the loan:

  • Up to 100,000 euros

  • Up to 36 months

  • Currency: $, €

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Fill in the request form and get a preliminary consultation

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Why choose us?

Affordable financing

Your idea, desire, and experience are the best collateral


Not just a financing service, but a real partnership in projects

Individual approach

Experienced entrepreneurs from Ukraine with 8 years of business experience in the EU


An extensive business network in most EU countries

"We believe in the great contribution of small business. Therefore, we strive to unite the efforts of Ukrainian entrepreneurs abroad to keep businesses alive and profitable. If you need money to develop a new business in the EU, we are ready to help."

Anton Dyadyura, entrepreneur, founder of the project

About us


We are from Ukraine. We have a successful business in the financial sector. Likewise, we have expertise in financing micro, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) as well as investments in SMEs in agricultural, fashion, and retail projects. Our clients are entrepreneurs from the construction, agricultural, transportation, etc. sectors.
Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, we have received many requests from our clients for funding to start their own businesses in Europe. That is why we have opened a new direction - we finance entrepreneurs in Europe (Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and other EU countries).
If you are forced to leave the country because of the war and want to regain control of your economic life as soon as possible, try starting a new business in Europe with us. Contact us if you have a working idea and the energy to implement it. Let's unite the efforts of Ukrainians abroad so that business continues to exist.

Our founders


Anton Dyadyura

13 years of business management experience


CEO and managing partner of the leasing company ESKA Capital and co-founder of the financial company for entrepreneurs — Safra Finance. Financier.


Serhiy Vaskov

13 years of business management experience


Co-founder and managing partner of the leasing company №1 for SMEs — ESKA Capital and the financial company for entrepreneurs — Safra Finance.

Our results

Requests from March 2022


Requests agreed


Funds issued

₴1 600 000


Want to start working with us?

Leave a request to talk to us and discuss the details of your new profitable business

Frequently asked questions:

  • Are there any specific business sectors you fund?

    No. We are ready to fund almost any business. We have deep expertise in construction, development, retail, restaurant and hospitality business, logistics, freight transportation, distribution services, IT sector, etc. We will help you open a coffee shop in Kraków or set up logistics for food delivery in Budapest. Open a truck transport business in Bratislava or set up an interior design studio in Vienna

  • What are the basic requirements for receiving funds?

    We expect that you have already been involved in such activities in Ukraine and have several years of experience. You know the specifics of this field and will be able to apply your skills and knowledge to start anew in the EU.

  • Is a business plan needed?

    We are not an MBA school, so we do not require a clear business plan according to the criteria set out on 100 A4 pages. BUT you have to have a realistic idea that will not be difficult to implement. Hopefully, this is not the construction of a Hyperloop from Hungary to the Transcarpathian region, but something mundane, a working idea that you have already experienced.

  • How soon will you be able to provide funds?

    We have a small team and an individual approach, we will process all applications manually, so it may take some time. Usually up to 5 working days. We guarantee that we will contact you in any case. If we are interested in the idea, we will discuss the details in person.

  • I have another question! Who can I talk to?

    Fill out your contact details in the form on the website or write us an email. We will contact you ASAP.



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New life for Ukrainian businesses in new conditions

Many businesses in Ukraine have suffered from the war. Some of them lost equipment, warehouses, shops, and goods. People are not able to work due to occupation or active hostilities in the regions. Transportation chains are broken. Entrepreneurs are losing money, property, teams...Many people are emigrating to the European Union. In the new conditions, it is difficult not to give up and continue to work, looking for opportunities to save your business or start a new one. 
We understand.
How to start a business from scratch? Where to get money? How to understand the legislation of a foreign country? How to register a legal entity in Poland, Hungary, Austria, or France? Where to find reliable partners to start a new company abroad?


Support the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the Russian invasion